Artemisia S Blue Tote Bag Iria de Ana


This is the extra small tote of the Iria de Ana handbag family.

Functional and cute, with fold over leather flap and a front

metal closure. It is the perfect size to carry basic daily needs

and for a night out in town. In this bag you will be able to fit:

Cardholder, phone, small wallet, keys, lipstick and sunglasses.


Height 19 cm - Width 18 cm - Depth 8 cm - Short handle &

long detachable strap. Made in Spain with Italian cow hide,

soft, with a beautiful and full hand feeling.

How to wear it?

There are tons of ways to wear a shoulder bag to up your style game. Here, at Jane’s Road, we love the following:

1. Over one shoulder showing off the backside of the bag

2. In your hand, in a more elegant and sophisticated way

Why Iria de Ana?

Imagine deconstructing an Iria de Ana bag - it might look like Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock visually solving a crime. Every individual piece, every constituent component, has been carefully crafted. Designed. Mocked. Built. Scrapped. Redesigned. Rebuilt. Perfected. From conception to completion we use the best luxury artisans’ hands to put all the pieces together.

Our craftsmen and women are our most beloved partners. Many learned the trade though their parents, who learned it from their grandparents. Few artisans remain in Europe due to competition created by large-companies, mass-production, and synthetic materials. But we believe that this is a type of art that must be taken care of, with its practices and mechanisms being preserved. We create fair contracts with our craftsmen and women in the hope that they will preserve their trade.